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Front Page : Concept

We and the Earth are inherently One

Welcome to the Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics

A few points about this website…

A Critical Juncture: Surely you must have a sense that the earth is currently in an abnormal condition — mega earthquakes, accelerated melting of polar glaciers and ice gorges, rising sea level, rise in sea temperature caused by undersea volcanic eruption, etc. We and the earth share the same destiny. We must give serious consideration to this issue and initiate actions to bring her through such conditions.

Metaphysics — An Answer for Theses Times: Generally, metaphysics is traditional research fields of philosophy and an academic discipline dealing with abstract issues such as the presence of God, afterlife, the dawn of the universe, etc., none of which would be easy to define. This website presents easy to understand leading-edge information in this field. It is the most valuable information of Japanese experts making major contributions in the field of metaphysics.

Two Reasons for the Name, Orion: The constellation of Orion, regarded as a giant hunter in Greek mythology, has two stars of the first magnitude: one is the top-left red star Betelgeuse and the other is the bottom-right blue star Rigel. According to Oriental astrology, a human has at least 8 specific stars, determined by date of birth. In my case, there exist two Betelgeuse stars and one Rigel star. I also have Antares and Sirius (two stars each). The former is the primary star of the constellation of Scorpius and the latter is the primary star of the constellation Canis Majoris. These stars are closely tied together with the constellation of Orion in that Canis Majoris is Orion’s hound dog and that Orion lost his life due to a scorpion loosed by Goddess Hera. That is to say, 7 out of 8 stars that belong to me are related to the constellation of Orion. This is the first reason.

Orion is deeply connected with the earth. The universe was created in time immemorial, before the Earth’s Akashic Records were engraved. At that time, there existed 24 Gods of Creation or Archangels. Orion is one of them. With great interest since then he has long kept a close eye on the earth . This is the second reason.

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