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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Geometry based on Silver Ratio and Golden Ratio > Illustration of Owl
Geometry based on Silver Ratio and Golden Ratio

Illustration of Owl

I continue to place my artworks on the exhibition.  The one displayed at the exhibition held in Tokyo in early May, 2022 was an illustration of owl.  We tend to feel an affinity with owls who are regarded as well-informed being or philosopher in a forest.  This illustration was drawn based on the follow-ing geometric figures of various kinds.

    • Face —- Silver rhombus
    • Eye —- Silver spiral, silver rhombus
    • Eyebrow —- Silver rhombus
    • Nose —- Silver rhombus
    • Torso —- Golden ellipse
    • Wave form pattern drawn on the torso —- Either an upper half or lower half of the silver rhombus
    • Wing —- Arc of an ellipse
    • Leg base —- Arc of an ellipse
    • Toe — Pentagram(The toe of the owl has 4 pieces.)
    • Thick tree branch — Arc of an ellipse
    • Thin tree branch —- Straight line

The silver rhombus represents a rhombus whose length ratio of the shorter diagonal to the longer diagonal is 1:.  Its interior angles are 10928(obtuse angle) and (acute angle).  The angle 10928, in particular, is the one frequently found in the natural world and is called Maraldi’s angle.  The reason is that it is the angle discovered on the honeycomb bottom face by Giacomo Filippo Maraldi, an Italian astronomer who played an active role in the 18th century.  Honeycombs are an aggregate of hollow hexagonal columns and its bottom face consists of  silver rhombuses.  This angle 10928is also called the one of regular tetrahedron.

The silver spiral is a kind of logarithmic spiral.  It is drawn with the polar coordinate on the basis of the silver rhombus or silver rectangle.  The polar coordinate represents a two-dimensional coordinate system in which each point on a plane is determined by a distance from a reference point and an angle from a reference direction   In case of a spiral based on a silver rhombus,  is doubled every time  is increased by .  The golden ellipse means the one whose length ratio of the minor axis to the major axis is the golden ratio .

I hope you will enjoy it.

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