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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > Telemedicine by SATO Method
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

Telemedicine by SATO Method

As mentioned in other articles of this category,  SATO Method is one of superior means of spiritual healing.  The spiritual healing works on a patient’s spirit.  With healer’s physical body and soul serving as conduit of high-dimensional energy, energy is provided to the patient.  The degree of healing effectiveness (i.e. “easiness of energy passing”, energy level, and frequency range) varies depending on the healer.  In case of SATO Method, the healer (Mr. Sato) gets attuned to the high-ferequency energy as soon as he starts making the treatment.

While Mr. Sato is located in Japan, he can give you telemedicine through four YouTube videos: (1) “Cool Head & Warm Feet”https://youtu.be/1l1XmG3lqoA?si=4pEyEGcLkOtH686n, (2) “Physical Well-being” https://youtu.be/Y5Wz8XFCyDU?si=q7IJ9VvncikLURTz, (3) “Peaceful Sleep” https://youtu.be/RvdTUirGY9g?si=u3Y4_xt_Dp1VVDYp,  (4) “Focus & Mental Clarity” https://youtu.be/gRfkYRX1eIg?si=FaRtbwEi1A0_oKc8.  You can receive high-dimensional energy wherever you are and whenever you desire by listening to the music and narration of these videos.  You can understand the meaning of the Japanese narration by reading English subtitles.  If these videos start with a YouTube commercial, you can skip it just by clicking the “skip” button.

Please enjoy receiving the telemedicine based on SATO Method.


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