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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 8)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 8)

Spiritual Healing

The “Purification/Regeneration Mode” that leads to Something Great

As mentioned already, our centroid of ”qi” is lowered when we practice the SATO Method.  The further it is lowered, the more our physical senses rarefy and, as a result, every part of our body gets relaxed based on the natural posture, making it easier for us to get into the deep meditative state.  This meditative sensation means the sensation connecting to the center of the Universe.

Many people who had received SATO Method treatment actually experienced such meditative sensation.  Their impression was that they felt transparentized with their physical body vanishing away.  With “qi” from the internal realm, their bodily sensation was lost and they got into the deep altered state of consciousness to the point of feeling the existence of their conscious being.  This conscious being is the same as the soul.  Some people felt it to be light or sphere energy.  There are also some  people saying that the whole earth seemed to have been enclosed by the energy with “qi” from the external realm.  Furthermore, they remained conscious with the sense of firm stability and with their spiritualness enhanced to the utmost limit.

The lower energy center, the middle energy center, and the upper energy center are respectively regarded as the body, heart, and brain.  When the centroid of “qi” from them comes down to the center of the Universe, the soul that normally stays below the level of consciousness does manifest in consciousness, making it possible to exactly experience a sense of togetherness with Something Great.

Such explanation may give you the impression that SATO Method is a particular, fanatical kind of technique.  However, it is not exactly true.

Mr. Sato believes that, at the dawn of humanity, everybody naturally had a feeling of unity with Something Great.  He just wishes you to remember it through SATO Method.  We, children of Something Great, keep the sense of identity with the Universe at the depth of our head by way of DNA and former life experiences.  Mr. Sato thinks that SATO Method has to be  a simple, easy method so that anyone can achieve such a feeling.  He also believes that it certainly is the mission of SATO Method.

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