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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 6)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 6)

Mr. M. Sato

Five Senses classified into Three Kinds

SATO Method classifies the five senses into three kinds.

The first kind: Senses enjoyed even by those with the “centroid of qi”  located in the upper part of their body.   With such senses, we feel warm when we have a bath with hot water.  In gneral, such senses are called ordinary five senses.

The second kind:  Senses with which we can feel the qi from the external realm.  These senses work when we receive qigong/healing treatment or when we visit powerspots.

The third kind:  Senses with which we can feel the qi from the internal realm.  Such qi from the unconscious realm warps into inside of our body and is recognized by our brain as five senses.

An experiment was conducted with cooperation from SATO Method patients.  A mat that emits far-infrared waves is spread underneath the bed for qi treatment.  It makes the patients feel warm while receiving the qi treatment.  Those with the “centroid of qi”  having lowered to the sole felt that the lower part of their body is warm with qi from the internal realm.  This is so-called the state of keeping their head cool and their feet warm.  They also felt that the surface of their body had been wrapped in a warm veil with the qi from the externl realm.   The feel, however, was that the warmth caused by the far-infrared rays had been radiated directly toward their back and waist having been in contact with the bed.

This indicates that the patients under qi treatment get three types of sensation: (1) the one most superficially felt, (2) the one as if wrapped in a veil, and (3) the one felt inside of the body.  It means that the mateial world we live in is perceived with the five senses that are most corporeal and superficial.   It also signifies that the material world really is the base of the existence of our physical body.

How to live a balnced life in the material world

SATO Method is based on the qi from the internal realm and the one from the external realm.  The “centroid of qi” comes in three types: (1) the one located at the sole, (2) located at the center of the Earth, and (3) located at the center of the universe.  Their respective physical sensation caused by the qi from the internal realm and by the one from the external realm is described in more detail below.

At the sole: The qi from the internal realm ripples inside of our body, keeping our head cool and our feet warmIn case of the one from the external realm, the surface of the body is wrapped in a thin, warm veil.

At the center of the Earth: In case of the qi from the internal realm, inside of our body becomes hollowed out and transparent.  In case of the qi from the external realm, the surface of the body is wrapped in a thick veil.

At the center of the Universe: In case of the qi from the internal realm, physical sensation is lost and we feel to be wrapped in a large sphere.  If we get deep into the center of the Universe, the possibility of having out-of-body experience is enhanced.  The consciousness entirely shifts toward the sole and the third eye is calmly awakened.  This is one of characteristics of the SATO Method.  While some people have certain images springing to their mind, other people haven’t.  The latter people say that, with a feeling of flotation, they had a thought that they really are the sole.

The SATO Method emphasizes that these three kinds of physical sensation are very important to live a balanced life in the material world.  Mr. Sato recently thought that the most superficial physical sensation is the state where the munimum required external qi  is working on the physical body.  According to those practising the SATO Method, they have ordinary sensation when the “centroid of qi”  is located at their head.  When they are under this condition, they feel neither the external qi nor internal qi.  When Mr. Sato heard it, he had a flash of  inspiration that we are conscious when the external qi is working on the physical body.  It is likened to the computer mechanism where some software is written in its hardware.

When the  “centroid of qi” comes down to the sole, we feel that the surface of our body is wrapped in a warm veil.  This is the generl external qi different from the one minimum required.  It is the same as what is generated by Chinese external qigong, or by healing treatment, or at power spots.  On the other hand, the internal qi wells up inside of the body and extends like a ripple, keeping our head cool and our feet warm.  Different from the external qi, however, it is felt to be based on the very deep level of consciousness.  It may be regarded as unconsciousness.

Mr. Sato’s personal views on life and death

The physicl body is no more than material.  It is presumed that the consciousness is first created when the external qi has worked on the material.  Then, that material ceases to exist when its life is ended.  At that time, however, the qi from the external realm that has created the consciousness only remains.

When death comes, life is switched from the external qi to the internal qi and the consciousness shifts from the physical body to the sole.  At that time, the door of the internal realm is opened and the sole  is led to the shining realm of light.  When such switch-over does not go well, however, the consciousness having depended on the minimum required external qi remains in the material world, though the physical body has ceased to exist.  This may be the so-called possession phenomenon.  Those who have received SATO Method treatment have experienced both the internal qi and the external qi; therefore, their life force will be smoothly switched over when their death comes.

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  1. Toby Grotz says:

    Tewari and met Mr. Ide in Japan at a conference organized by Shuiji Inomata.
    Can you give us Mr. Ide’s contact information or have him contact me?

    Toby Grotz

    Mr Tewari has a generator apparently similar to Mr. Ide.
    We need to commercialize these units to end fossil fuel monopoly,

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