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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 3)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 3)

The “Centroid of Qi” Comes Down to the Sole

While the life force is represented  by the sum of the “contraction qi ” and the “expansion qi” , there exists another important integrant.  It is the “centroid of qi” .  Speaking of the word “centroid”, many people may think it as physical weight.  However, the “centroid of qi”  is totally different from it.  The “qi” has no weight and, therefore, centroid could be thought of as the center core or root in this case.  You can also imagine it as the place where the “qi” is shed or as the foundation of the “qi“.  It is felt as if the sole has become a suction disk or the like.

SATO Method’s point of view is that you are highly steady-handed when the “centroid of qi” resides in the sole.  That is to say, you are physically and mentally sound in such condition.  As  the “centroid of qi”  goes up, you are becoming unsteady and unsound.

In other words, the sum of the “contraction qi ” and the “expansion qi”  (i.e. the life force ) and the position of the “centroid of qi” go hand-in-hand with your health condition.

Centroid of qi Contraction qi Expansion qi  Health condition
Sole 50% 30% Ideal (work-mode).
Knee 45% 25% Normal physically and mentally.
Abdominal 40% 20%
Shoulder 30% 10% Nearly unhealthy, having some subjective symptoms.
Head 20% 10% Doctor’s diagnosis is necessary.


In the case of SATO Method, the first target is set to be achieving the 60 % life force to get rid of such ill condition (i.e. 30% life force).  Its ultimate goal is to attain the ideal health condition, i.e.  contraction qi  50% +  expansion qi 30%  = life force 80%, with the “centroid of qi” residing in the sole.  This is the ideal work-mode.  When your “centroid of qi” resides in the center of the universe, you have 100% life force and, at that time, you are one with Something Great.

Mr. W.H. has kindly summarized differences between the Chinese-style Qigong and the SATO Method as follows.  He is a Qigong therapist having undergone Chinese-style Qigong discipline for a long time.

  1. The SATO Method can be quickly learned.  However, the basic process is of importance the same as  the Chinese-style Qigong and its essence is also the same.
  2. Potential responses against a change for the better are seldom experienced.  Even if such responses come out, they are mild and moderate.
  3. No need to be conscious of breathing maneuver.  Even without regard to it, your breathing is naturally getting deep and quiet
  4. Bad “qi” or vibes are not generated.
  5. Details on the SATO Method including research papers are published.


Seminars in Boston, U.S.A.

Mr. Sato gave seminars in Boston, U.S.A. on two occasions: the first time in October, 2010 and the second time in September, 2011.  A video on such seminars is hereto attached.  In this video, the “qi” and “Qigong” are each referred to as “Ki” and “Kiko”.  They are the Japanese words meaning “qi” and “Qigong”, respectively.


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