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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 2)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 2)

 The “contraction qi ” and the “expansion qi” of the internal and external worlds

The ordinary Qigong is based on the “contraction qi ” and the “expansion qi”  of the external world.  The “qi” of the external world naturally comes into our body in conjunction with our breathing.

Left: Warm Mode—contraction qi being predominant            Right: Cool Mode—expansion qi being predominant

However, it is difficult to feel the “qi” because five senses play a central role in our daily life.  The “qi” can be felt only with the sixth sense in our daily life and it is developed by Qigong training and/or other disciplining.

The “contraction qi ”  of the external world can be called into our body through concentration of our consciousness on the dantian (hypo gastric region).  On the other hand, the “expansion qi”  can be called into our body through breathing, especially long-lasting expiration.  In actuality, the “qi” is maneuvered by breathing with the consciousness concentrated on the dantian.  The Qigong exercise done at a culture center and other learning places is based on such method.

With the Qigong training continued for several or dozens of years, some people can awaken the third eye and maneuver the “qi” without breathing.  The third eye is called Ajna Chakra in yoga.  while the “contraction qi ”  is called in through concentration of consciousness  on the dantian, the third eye works effectively in attracting the “expansion qi” .   It may be the case where our brain cells inactive at normal times go into action at one burst when we go beyond physical and mental limits by consciously straining our sympathetic nerve in excess based on the Qigong training and/or other disciplining.

The people whose third eye is awakened are of three types: (1) those having achieved it through the Qigong training and/or other disciplining; (2) those having naturally acquired it; (3) those having developed it triggered by near-death experience, temporarily becoming anomalous.

Being different from the one of the external world, the “contraction qi of the internal world moderately activates the mind and physical body, generating the mental power.   It is, so to speak, a state of sympathetic nervous tone.  In terms of the brain wave, it is a state of alpha rhythm.  Furthermore, the “contraction qi of the internal world gently leads our mind and physical body into sound sleep, bringing us peace and comfort.  This is a state of strained parasympathetic nerve.  In terms of brain wave, it represents the delta rhythm.

The measurement of skin temperature reveals that the lower half and the upper half of the body get warm and somewhat cool, respectively, when the “contraction qi ” is predominant.  This represents the “warm mode”.  On the other hand, the upper half and the lower half of the body get cool and moderately warm, respectively, when the “expansion qi” is predominant.  It represents the “cool mode”.  These modes mean, so to say, keeping our head cool and our feet warm.  Such Qigong feeling, by itself, is sufficient proof that “contraction qi ” and the “expansion qi”  are fused together.  These modes are called the “analogue mode” en bloc.  In contrast with it, the “digital mode” refers to the “contraction qi ”  and the “expansion qi” numerically converted.

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