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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 2)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 2)

Mr. T. Shibayama’s Report on SATO Method Experience

This is a report from Mr. Toyokazu Shibayama on experience in receiving SATO Method therapy.  He has been operating a clinic for acupuncture/moxibustion therapy and osteopathy in Osaka, Japan since 25 years ago.  He always faces a challenge as a clinician using the bloodless meridian therapy as a pillar of treatment.  About 13 years ago, Mr. Shibayama began to sense qi and have spiritual experiences while making a treatment or in the course of day-to-day activities.  Such experiences surprised him, having him wonder what had happened to himself.  Having read books on qigong and spirituality, Mr. Shibayama has since been applying it to daily medical treatment on the basis of what he actually senses.

At that time, Mr. Shibayama became aware of SATO Method.  He was particularly attracted to its catch-phrase “anybody can do it at any time and any place” and the fact that it is based on a reliable theory.  Mr. Shibayama did not think of himself as gifted practitioner.  He intuitively thought, however, that he might be able to do it and hastened to make an appointment with Mr. Sato for the five-time therapy.  He learned thereafter that SATO Method had been investigated jointly with universities and business enterprises in terms of the brain activity, biological reaction, autonomic nervous response, mental reaction, and state of consciousness and that it has been substantiated through scientific methods of examination using the single square voltage pulse (SSVP) method, thermography, near-infrared oxygen metabolism monitor, acceleration pulse wave gauge, brain wave gauge, etc.  (Note: The single square voltage pulse (SSVP) method is based on the measurement of dynamic electro-conductivity derived from the skin meridian impedance.)  Accordingly, he was further convinced that SATO Method is really reliable and trustworthy.

Clients of SATO Method do not receive qi from the practitioner.  Instead, SATO Method brings out qi existing inside of the clients.  This is a salient feature of SATO Method as observed by Mr. Shibayama.

SATO Method therapy 1st time: Mr. Shibayama realized that his “centroid of qi” comes down to the sole.  Concerning the “centroid of qi”, please refer to SATO METHOD: Unique Qigong originated in Japan (Part 3).  He readily enjoyed a 25km running.  However, he felt no fatigue thereafter.

2nd time: After the therapy, Mr. Shibayama performed a self-training.  Having felt his “centroid of qi” to be in the sole at that time, he also felt as if he was on a ball.  He did a 10km running on the following morning.  While he felt that he had leaden feet at the beginning of running, his “centroid of qi” gradually came down as he got used to it, allowing him to really enjoy running.

3rd time: During the therapy, Mr. Shibayama felt as if a cylindrical stick grows a long way down from the sole.  He also felt as if he was floating, enveloped by something, with bright white light seen on the back of his eyelids.  During a 16km running on the following morning, he felt only his consciousness in the sole.  He did not feel the weight of the upper body and enjoyed the running comfortably.  He also realized that he did not feel a fatigue if he performs a self-training while running, making his “centroid of qi” go down to the sole.  Mr. Shibayama felt as if he had sensed the deep center of the universe.

5th time: During the therapy, further bright white light met the eyes of and Mr. Shibayama and enveloped his entire body.  He felt more clearly that he was floating and gradually lost the sensation of gravitational force.  It really was a transparent sensation, providing him with a feeling of empty physically and mentally.  Mr. Shibayama got into a state of tranquility, steadiness, peace of mind, and super-relaxation.  He felt himself breaking out into a sweat in spite of the fact that it was cool inside of the room and that he also felt cool.  Mr. Shibayama also felt that his metabolism had been improved.  He was in a state of exhilaration, tranquility, and steadiness after the therapy.  He had a sensation that his “centroid of qi” at the lower dantian, middle dantian and upper dantian had gone down to the level of Something Great in the deep center of universe.  Concerning the  lower dantian, middle dantian and upper dantian, please refer to the New Series (Part 1).

The SATO Method therapy provides heeling of physical body and mind at the medical site.  It helps self-enlightenment and alleviates physical/mental stress.  Mr. Shibayama recommends it to those who are interested in self-enlightenment and qigong as well as those who are in bad physical shape.

Lastly, Mr. Shibayama’s feeling was that it really was good to have received the SATO Method therapy, which truly exceeded his expectation.  He plans to provide it to his clients more effectively in the future in combination with the bloodless meridian treatment.  He also wants to make use of it for sports like malathon and self-development in day-to-day life.

Mr. Sato expects Mr. Shibayama not only to achieve an effect as practitioner but also contribute to the enhancement of potential ability of athletes through sports medicine, by using SATO Method.

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