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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 1)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 1)

It has been more than five years since the last article on SATO Method was uploaded.  During such 5 years, SATO Method achieved some evolvement.  This new series are intended for providing an update on it.

SATO Method and Chakra/Dantian

Ms. Michiyo Mori, a practitioner of acupuncture & moxibustion therapy is well-known in Japan because she lives only with a cup of green juice a day.  No other foods nor drinks are taken.  Having suffered from spinocerebellar degeneration in her twenties, she was, back then, unable to walk.  Ms. Mori had conquered it through a starvation diet originated by Mr. M. Kohda and, since then, she has been living only with a cup of green juice a day.
In 2008 Mr. Sato wrote a book “Just by listening to a CD on Spiritual Qigong, you can get fortune-attracting constitution”.  Mr. Sato’s client who is a practitioner of acupuncture & moxibustion therapy introduced it to Mr. T. Shiomi, an acupuncture master for Ms. Mori.  Mr. Shiomi strongly recommended her to undergo the SATO Method therapy.  It was for this reason that Ms. Mori visited Mr. Sato’s Qigong clinic, which was more than 10 years ago.  For the first time, Ms. Mori experienced a Qigong therapy based on the SATO method and then, some of her chakras were awakened and opened.

Seven Chakras in the Human Body

Just for information, there are seven chakras (a Sanskrit word meaning wheel) or energy centers in the body, each corresponding to one of the endocrine glands.  Refer to the figure to the right.  Each chakra vibrates at a different rate, following the visible light spectrum.  The base, or the lowest chakra , is associated with the color red; the sacral chakra, orange; the chakra located near the solar plexus, yellow; the heart chakra, green; the throat chakra, blue; the brow chakra, indigo; and the highest chakra, the crown chakra (located at the top of the head) is associated with the color violet.  A person who is clairvoyant is able to see these colors emanating from the chakras, the totality of which makes up the human aura.

After this experience, Ms. Mori mentioned that she had felt as if a hole of about 25mm in diameter was made on her forehead, passing completely through to the other side of the head with high wind blowing in.  Ms. Mori involuntarily pushed her forehead.  There was no hole as a matter of course.  Likewise, she felt as if a hole of about the same size was made at the top of head, too, with high wind blowing in.  Ms. Mori further mentioned the following:
  • She seldom loses her equilibrium without feeling anger, sorrow, and fear.
  • She is always with happy feeling and a sense of reassurance.

  • She feels as if the omnipotent God always resides next to her, helping her whenever necessary.  For example, she will certainly survive a crash of airplane she is flying in.

  • Her mind is always quiet like calm surface of the lake.
Having undergone the SATO method therapy several times, 7 chakras of Ms. Mori were all awakened and opened.
Ms. Mori wrote more than 20 books since then.  In five of such books, she referred to SATO Method, saying that her chakras had been awakened and opened after receiving the SATO Method therapy and that she had traveled to Boston in 2010 with her friends and Mr. Sato for the purpose of participating in a SATO Method workshop held there.  Ms. Mori also talked about SATO Method during her workshops concerning the light eating and fasting and while conducting acupuncture & moxibustion therapy at her clinic.  Many of Mr. Sato’s clients got the information on the SATO method therapy in advance through Ms. Mori’s books, lectures, and workshops.  Mr. Sato appreciates it very much.
As mentioned earlier, 7 chakras of Ms. Mori were all awakened and opened during the SATO Method therapy.  What is the reason for it?  Mr. Sato’s views on this point are as follows:
  • There exist various different methods and techniques to awaken and open chakras, which includes kundalini yoga.  In the case of kundalini yoga, the lowest chakra is opened first and then the sacral chakra is opened.  The other chakras are opened in sequence thereafter.  When 7 chakras are all opened, link with the higher dimension realms is made, through which energy and information comes in.
  • According to a certain view, the power of the earth comes into the lowest chakra in the first place.  When the energy in that chakra is built up, the next chakra is energized.  This process is followed in sequence till the seventh chakra is energized.  When it is accomplished, link with the higher dimension realms is made, through which energy and information comes in.  The energy and information coming in from the higher dimension realms is called the “wisdom of the universe”.  It may be ideal if chakras are equally controlled by the power of the earth coming from its center and by the wisdom of the universe coming from the higher dimension realms.
  • SATO Method is based on both external qi and internal qi.  The external qi comes into the shallow portion of physical body from the conscious being of the 1st kind (called spirit) by way of the one of the 2nd kind (called soul) both existing in the spiritual universe.  The internal qi, on the other hand, directly comes into the deep portion of the physical body from “Something Great” through a different route.  Meridians referred to in the oriental medicine are considered to be located in the shallow portion of the body, though they are said to exist on the dermis.  Chakras, on the other hand, are considered to exist in both the shallow portion and the deep portion of the body, passing through them.
  • SATO Method is very similar to kundalini yoga in this regard, though the power of the earth and the energy emanating from the wisdom of the universe are not so strong.  This is also premised on the fact that approx. 300 clients had out-of-body experiences in the 1990s (for about 10 years).  This theory was acknowledged as meditative Qigong by the Society for Mind-Body Science, with a paper on it accepted.
  • After moving into the 21st century, SATO Method made some evolution.  The level of energy emanating from the “wisdom of the universe” is about the same as in the 90s.  The energy from Something Great, however, now directly comes into the lower dantian (below the navel), middle dantian (at the level of the heart), and upper dantian (at the forehead between the eyebrows or third eye), which is in excess of the power of the earth.  Refer to the figure below.  It is to be noted that these dantians are the “qi focus flow centers”, which are important focal points for meditative and exercise techniques such as Qigong, martial arts like t’ai chi ch’uan, and in the traditional Chinese medicine.  This fact suggests that: (1) lower dantian represents the lowest chakra and the sacral chakra; (2) middle dantian represents the chakra located near the solar plexus and the heart chakra; (3) upper dantian represents the throat chakra, the brow chakra, and the crown chakra.  The lowest chakra is considered to signify the life force; the sacral chakra sense of stability, chakra located near the solar plexus emotional control, the heart chakra the power of love, the throat chakra telepathy, the brow chakra imaging, and the crown chakra the link to higher dimension realms.  In view of this, there seems to exist some similarities between 3 dantians and 7 chakras.

    Three Dantians in the Human Body

  • Furthermore, the internal qi emanating from Something Great has the characteristics of lowering the centroid of qi illimitably.  With the internal qi directly coming into chakras, their energy level has become higher than in the 90s and, as a result, the sense of stability of SATO Method therapy has been enhanced.  From this viewpoint, it may be natural enough that SATO Method has enabled Ms. Mori to have all her chakras awakened and opened.  It goes without saying, though, that Ms. Mori had already acquired enough qualifications and abilities to make it happen when she received the SATO Method therapy.

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