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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 4)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 4)

Ms. Sayaka Fujii is a therapist& counselor.  She currently operates a counseling center named “Sunshine gift for parents and children” in Japan mainly on the basis of gestalt therapy and family constellation.

About 12 years ago, she visited Mr. Sato’s clinic to receive SATO Method therapy for the first time.  She received the therapy five times, which constitutes its basic course and her centroid of qi came down to the center of universe thereafter.  At that time, Ms. Fujii was doing self-training and face-to-face Qigong of SATO Method based on the “warm & cool mode”.

A new mode of SATO Method called “purification/regeneration mode” was created about 8 years ago.  Then, Ms. Fujii visited Mr. Sato’s clinic in September, 2017 after a long interval.  Having made such visit once a month thereafter, she progressed to a point where her centroid of qi had come down to the deep in the center of universe called Something Great.  She also achieved making out-of-body experiences.  The following is her report of such experiences.

Ms. Fujii’s out-of-body experiences

Before receiving SATO Method therapy in September, 2017, the centroid of qi of the lower dantian (located below the navel), middle dantian (located at the level of the heart), upper dantian (located at the forehead between the eyebrows or third eye) was respectively existed in the spiritual universe, nonphysical universe, and spiritual universe.  However, she felt a pain in her right shoulder and the centroid of qi of that part existed at the leg.  For this reason, Ms. Fujii was unable to make an experience in passing through a tunnel. Ms. Fujii was with her friend on that visit to Mr. Sato’s clinic.

Then, Mr. Sato provided qi to Ms. Fujii’s shoulder with pinpoint accuracy.  As a result, her pain in the right shoulder went away and, at the same time, the centroid of qi came down to the spiritual universe.  (Mr. Sato’s comment: a requirement for making a tunneling experience is to have the centroid of qi lowered to the deep in the center of universe and to have one’s consciousness shift from the physical body to the astral body.  However, there is a possibility that such experience cannot be made when the centroid of qi of some local area has gone up.)

Then, Ms. Fujii passed through a tunnel and reached the nonphysical universe having no time-space, feeling as if she was wafting in that universe.  Having found the earth, she then looked at the Japanese archipelago and instantaneously traveled to Tokyo railways station.  She felt as if to move just like light, once she focused her consciousness.  Then, Ms. Fujii moved from Shinjuku to Minamidaira along the Keio train line and came back to Mr. Sato’s clinic.

From above, Ms. Fujii looked at herself (her physical body) who was receiving SATO Method therapy.  At that time, Mr. Sato and her friend were faintly viewed under thin white cover like aura.  She also noticed that her astral body was connected with her physical body with a code made of light (i.e. silver code)

Ms. Fujii made an experience in observing her past lives that time, too.  She seemed to spend her life in Khofu, Japan during the Edo period.  Having finished it under Mr. Sato’s guidance, she passed through a 2nd tunnel and reached the spiritual universe.  It was a very comfortable realm of white light giving off a good smell where the Goddess of Mercy resided.  Having been told by Mr. Sato to further travel to a realm of Something Great, she went to that realm which was felt like being far above the white-light realm.  It was exactly like the very realm of light.  Then, she was told by Mr. Sato to be conscious of her true being.  When she did it, she felt like going deep inside of it.  She felt that light was emanated from its center in all directions and outspread infinitely.  It was very quiet, in peace and satisfied.

This time, Ms. Fujii was asked by Mr. Sato what she wanted to do during the remaining 10 minutes.  She replied that she wanted to waft in the realm of Something Great.  While she was feeling the light of herself, something about her ailing friend popped into her head.  In that split second, the true being of that friend was coming up to her.  That friend was genial, grin-wearing, and beaming.  Having become very happy, Ms. Fujii was wafting with her in the realm of Something Great.  It really was the satisfied, grateful, and teary-eyed time.  After the therapy, Ms. Fujii shared this happy experience with Mr. Sato and her friend.

Then, Ms. Fujii was astonished to know by telephone that the friend who had spent time with her in the realm of Something Great had passed away about two hours ago.  While crying, however, Ms. Fujii calmly accepted it because her true being was aware that that friend was already in the realm of light free from the disease.  It really was a marvelous experience.  Having become light, that friend had come to meet her at the end of her life.

Having further experienced profound amplitude of SATO Method, Ms. Fujii has determined to continue devoting herself to the study and practice of it.

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