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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 3)
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

SATO METHOD: New Series (Episode 3)

D.M. Takahashi’s Report on SATO Method Experiences

It has been 29 years since Mr. Sato started the SATO Method therapy.  Many medical doctors visited his clinic to receive it.  They include internal medicine specialists, surgeons, orthopedic specialists, brain surgeons, eye specialists, specialists in dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology specialist, ear/nose/throat specialists, emergency life-saving specialists, psychiatrists, dentists, and anesthetists.  Mr. Hidenori Takahashi is a Doctor of Medicine specialized in anesthesiology.  He graduated from Tokyo University’s School of Medicine and then, did postgraduate studies at Oxford University.  Having also become conscious of Oriental medicine, D.M. Takahashi is in the process of studying and practicing the SATO Method therapy.  He currently works at the Sodegaura Satsukidai Hospital and at the Ikebukuro Clinic attached to the Teikyo University in Japan.   Mr. Sato expects him very much to make clinical applications of it in the future.  The following are D.M. Takahashi’s actual experiences of the SATO Method therapy.

D.M. Takahashi is specialized in pain clinic and palliative care which represent the total care for people who can no longer be cured.  So, he has long been engaged in relieving pain of patients.  Even now, D.M. Takahashi feels that he is still learning because the more he acquires medical knowledge and skills, the more patients of bad diseases visit his hospital, making him feel that his knowledge, skills and experiences are not enough at all.

Having thought that Western medicine alone is inadequate, D.M. Takahashi turned his attention about 23 years ago to treatments based on oriental medicine such as Chinese herbal remedy and acupuncture & moxibustion therapy.  Those engaged in Western medicine tends to be cynical about oriental medicine, saying that even if oriental medicine provides some scientific evidence, it is not good enough.  However, D.M. Takahashi feels attracted to oriental medicine in consideration of the fact that it brings about a curative effect at the clinical site which cannot be produced by Western medicine.  Nevertheless, his pent-up feelings continued to remain.

D.M. Takahashi gradually realized that it was because he had been providing medical treatment virtually in disregard of qi which constitutes the bedrock of oriental medicine.  Unfortunately, he was unable to feel it at that time.  It led him to learn what was said to be qi-based therapy, bi-digital O-ring test, and wave medical science of Germany that seemed to fall under the category of qi-based medicine.  Such study enabled him to feel qi to some extent, enhancing the efficiency of his treatment based on oriental medicine.  However, he did not get interested in the common Qigong introduced from China because it provided him with an image that it could not be practiced unless external qi was always taken in and that remarkable effects were achieved only by masters of it.

At such a time, D.M. Takahashi was told by his friend that there existed a different kind of Qigong called SATO Method which had been developed in Japan.  Having visited a website on it, he learned the following view:

  • A human being is composed of the physical body, astral body, and consciousness.
  • It is linked with the physical universe (corresponding to physical body) having time space, nonphysical universe having no time space (corresponding to astral body), spiritual universe, and essential universe (corresponding to Something Great) which were all connected with each other by qi of various kinds (i.e. internal qi, external qi and qi of the natural world).

While this view was really startling, it totally cleared up his pent-up feelings.  D.M. Takahashi hastened to contact with Mr. Sato’s clinic and made an appointment for SATO Method therapy.  He met Mr. Sato for the first time at the end of 2016 and, since then, he has received it about 10 times.  D.M. Takahashi does not feel that he has reached a level of mastering qi.  However, it became possible for him to get a sense that the centroid of qi had certainly come down to the sole after receiving the SATO Method therapy or conducting self-training.  Sometimes, D.M. Takahashi was able to get a sense that the centroid of qi had come down to the center of universe.

Without waiting till the time of mastering the SATO Method therapy, D.M. Takahashi has already been applying it to his clinical activities.  He can now eliminate the pain of patients in an efficient fashion by letting qi into their affected area and meridians pertinent to it.  He also began trying to improve immunity of cancer patients through SATO Method applications.  D.M. Takahashi and these patients both feel that they are certainly effective.

D.M. Takahashi is highly excited to see what influences SATO Method will have on his life and his medical activity in the future.  He is confident that medical services in Japan will undergo a significant change if various healthcare professionals including medical doctors like him learn about SATO Method and actually practice it.

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