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Orion Research Institute for Metaphysics > Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians > Life does not end: Part 2
Renowned Japanese Metaphysicians

Life does not end: Part 2

Mr. N. Yahagi

SATO Method— Energy healing of new sensation

The following is a commentary on SATO Method offered by Mr. N. Yahagi, Medical Professor, Postgraduate School, University of Tokyo concurrently serving as Head of the Emergency Department and the Intensive-Therapy Department,University of Tokyo Hospital.  This commentary was made in his book “Life does not end” written under the joint authorship with Mr. Sato.

SATO Method is one of superior means of spiritual healing.  (Refer to “Life does not end: Part 1”.)  The spiritual healing works on a patient’s spirit.  With healer’s physical body and soul serving as conduit of high-dimensional energy, energy is provided to the patient.  It is the SATO Method that has showed me such mechanism based on actual sensation.  The degree of healing effectiveness (i.e. “easiness of energy passing”, energy level, and frequency range) varies depending on the healer.  In case of SATO Method, the healer (Mr. Sato) gets attuned to the high-ferequency energy as soon as he starts making the treatment.

SATO Method came into being in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan at the outset of the 1990s.  As I understand it, more than 5,000 people have received the SATO Method treatment since then.  During this time period, dramattic changes have been caused  in the circumstances of many people, e.g. bettermentt of various physical/mental distemperature, personal development, improvement of skills and abilities in the areas of art and sports. 

At first SATO Method was called “spiritual qigong” .  As it indicates , SATO Method has been known as the the means of healing that not only cures physical/mental problems but also works on the spiritual side.  It produces great improvement in mental-health status including self-development, relaxing effect, and dissolution of insomnia.

For this reason, investigations and researches on possible influences of SATO Method on the physical and mental sides have been carried forward jointly with Tokyo Institute of Technology, Nippon Medical School, Saint Paul’s University, etc.  As a result of SATO Method’s remote qigong experiments, it was revealed that intravital stress hormone such as noradrenaline and cortisol had been reduced and NK-cells had been activated.  In view of this fact, it is recognized that SATO Method does produce some good effects.

 With SATO Method treatment provided, we can realze that we, humans, are composed of the soul, mind, and body and that our essential quality is the spirit.  The reason is that we can certainly enjoy a sense of oneness with the universe and feel a connection with high-dimensional beings if we maintain bodily functions with SATO Method and endeavor to lower the centroid of “qi” to our sole.

SATO Method has  a unique aspect that is different from any other kinds of spiritual healing and, furthermore, it is surprisingly simple in terms of techniques required.  With some fortune, I was able to get an opportunity to renew my awareness of it.  I believe that potentiality of this methd should be bruited much further.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, some invisible social instability has been going around in Japan.  This unique means of healing made an appearance in such uncertain age—–This fact itself realy is of significance, too.

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